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Lists and hints
If you have problems with friend and/or family, I will try show you a few common questions and answers.

Q;If you try to give your opinion to a group of people, why are they so snooty?

People tend to be very insensitive at times, at times they don't care for other peoples opinions because they are usually wrapped up for people to listen to them, they crave attention, howerver, it depends how they are thinking at that time. You can either talk about that or leave them alone to their world. But you don't have to take my advice.  

Q; My friend is getting kind of a punky "I can take care of myself" attitude why is that?

Well, have people holding your friend back? Being too cautious with them? Well, if so, you friend may be tired of that and want to feel like they can be independent and explore themselves without ropes holding them back. However, there are different possibilities.

Q; My parents always act like everything is always great. I mean, like weird.

They possibly don't want to show the part that they think might scare you, sad parts, angry, they might want to not show you something, it depends. There may be something going on

From Ave, New Zeland; A lot of people think I'm in love with people I am not. I don't love anybody exept my family.

 Well, they might love you and are just giving you a hard time because they're jealous that you hang out with those people and not them. Or if they're just friends, they probably just want to set you up with someone. You just give them a direct answer that you do not love them. I ended up in that situation once, It was very, very sticky. Please give me your answer if this did or did not work.

A main potenial

Usually, feminine sides tend to take things personally, sometimes a little too harsh. And when they do something bad or something bad happens, they usually end up blaming themselves. Believe it or not, men and boys have feminine sides too. Even me! Even though I'm little miss "back off" sometimes... which I don't intend to be...  

A GOOD hint
I study psycology, so don't doubt this one!
Dreams sometimes relate to reality even though they are mostly insane they commonly are twisted with emotions and thoughts and the akwardness of the dream world and the real world.