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Surfingseahorse's problem guide
Seeing and understanding potentials

Welcome victims, I mean, guests, I am your host, Nina Dacoda, Yami, Muaha, evil, baloney, enchilada, ghosty, pshyhic, wacky, dodo brain, Ari, dum-dum, blah, blah, blah. LET'S GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!!! Calm down Nina, you don't want to see that crazy shrink again!

All right, let's get down to beezwax,
I know that mainly ages from pre-teens and up have problems interacting with friends and family at times (Including myself). So I am the weird green light that will try to guide you. Unless you can talk to your friends and family. That is much better than talking to a person you don't know very well, unless you DO know me.  If you have problems like, your friend ignores you, or say,  they are acting different when other people are around and you don't know why. That's what I'll help with. As you read, we will see the male and female points of veiw. I hope both male and female write me their problems. I actually am a reasonable person, despite how I act and my crazy remarks. I have a large amount flaws myself so I'm not a guinius either.     

So, peoples! I have recently added a few things! Sorry it took so long! Um... TURKEYS! Every lil' turky will be devoured by humans (wellllllll, not by you good-natured vegitarians! I myself and my family will eat a DELICIOUS SALMON! WAHAHAHAHAHAH) *ahem* My friend is eatin' "tofurkey" for his Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the main holiday of appreciation, you can be thankful for the food on your plate, the place you sleep, even the witeout you use! So, send a message, what are you thankful for?